Ready to transition in 1 to 3 years? READY, SET, GO

Ready to transition in 1 to 3 years? READY, SET, GO

Succession Planning and

Business Exit Strategists

PoleStar is located in Idaho and has years of experience offering exit planning for businesses just like yours. Our Succession and Exit Strategists will make sure you sell your business for what it’s worth or pass it on to a loved one with ease. That’s why we approach every business with a holistic plan making sure your transition is just as unique as your business. 

The PoleStar Process is our holistic approach that considers the well-being of the business owner and their legacy. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to transitioning a business and we help you examine all of your options.
Our single focus is to help you find a transition strategy that fits your goals so you can retire, transition, or sell—confidently.

Helping You Gain Peace of Mind In Your Business Transition

Your business is as unique as you are. The challenges you face in your succession and exit strategies are too.

PoleStar Succession and Exit Strategists use our PoleStar Process to help you navigate an optimal exit strategy that meets your unique personal and financial goals.

Whether you need an external 3rd party sale or internal transition to key persons, our experience will guide you through the steps designed to document your present readiness, find the best strategy, and confidently complete the exit process.